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Do you struggle with these 5 symptoms:

  1. Eating until you are uncomfortably stuffed and still feel unsatisfied?
  2. Mindless eating that leads to regret, guilt or shame?
  3. A hunger that hits you in an instance and feels overwhelming and urgent?
  4. Craving junk food or sugary snacks and nothing else will do?
  5. Feeling stagnant and using food or alcohol to deal with your emotions?


Then you are suffering from emotional eating and need a
Limbic Override System

Most people are unaware that our thoughts, not our circumstances, create our emotions.

You have to be able to identify your thoughts before you can change your behavior.


You Probably Need a Mindset Change

Have you continued to struggle getting in shape? You may be experiencing the same problem Whitney had: she over desired food and didn't believe losing 30 lbs was possible. If you can relate, then we have a helpful gift for YOU!

This PDF on how to discover your limiting beliefs will walk you through step-by-step to uncover what is keeping you stuck.

This really does make a difference!

We will teach you how to say "no" to unhealthy food cravings without feeling deprived

Our tools, knowledge, and experience over the last ten years have equipped us to tailor to your individual needs, so that you can achieve your goals, feel better, and thrive.



Find out about Jake and Whitney Roehl. Learn their mission, secrets and solutions they give through coaching.

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Are you ready to stop struggling with your weight and obsessing over food? Get coached based on your personal goals and needs.

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