We work with former college athletes, who are workaholics or have crazy-busy schedules, and fed up with trying to get healthier.

We help you discover why you are overweight and how to get back in shape.

Together we will find your confidence again.

Maybe you used to work out hard in your college years and used to be in great shape. You may find yourself traveling often for work, having a hard time sticking to a workout routine and end up relieving stress by overeating. You might have lost the desire to do intense workouts, since after all, you did that too much in college. Or, you might have sustained an injury that led you to gain weight and you can't find your way to your healthy self.

No matter what the scenario is, bottom line, you feel uncomfortable in your own body.

You have "tried it all" and are tired of not seeing results. We will help you address the real triggers that lead you to making unhealthy choices. This is not about the "next big diet". This is about providing you with a toolbox for life.

You will learn how to change your MINDSET, so you can achieve the body and life you really want.

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Change Starts From Within...

Weight loss is not just about knowing what to eat or how to exercise.

It's about knowing how to cope with stress, emotions, and life.

So stop beating yourself up for not being "disciplined" enough.

"In three months, I have lost 25 pounds and 10% body fat - but more importantly, I feel so much better about myself!" -Anne E., Los Angeles CA


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We teach you how to eliminate stress and feel better in your body.

Our tools, knowledge, and experience over the last ten years have equipped us to tailor to your individual needs, so that you can achieve your goals and thrive.



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