Jake's Story


Committing is the only path to success.

Jake met Whitney while she was in the midst of her fight to improve her life and immediately fell in love with her willingness to embrace discomfort as the fuel for growth.  He had been divorced a few years before and was in the process of rediscovering himself and his passion for life.  Inspired by Whitney's success finding freedom from anxiety, fear, and self-doubt, Jake decided to put his 20 years of teaching experience to work so that others could end their suffering as well.  A lifetime of team sports, rock climbing, surfing, backpacking, and fitness combined with a mastery of distilling complicated situations into simple concepts makes Jake uniquely qualified to coach people through tough life changes.

“Jake is one of those people you want around when things get tough. He has an ability to take an overwhelming situation (or a very big mountain) and make it manageable and even fun. He taught me that anything is possible if you just start taking steps forward. Instead of sitting and thinking about how difficult the task is, if you just keep moving, you will be that much closer to success. Jake’s words to simply “put a little trail behind you” have helped me get through some long miles in the mountains and in my life. He is truly an inspiration and one of a kind.”

— Monica: Redondo Beach, CA

Jake was a Division I athlete at Loyola Marymount University until 1997 and has been in love with coaching ever since.  His mind makes valuable connections between training for sports and training for life – he believes that, "Knowledge, commitment, and reps are the key no matter what you’re training for."  Jake lives this stuff – he strives to live life right and he has learned a quite a bit along the way.  He has earned teaching credentials in both California in addition to his Life Coach Certification (Expert Level), but his experience learning to live life courageously is what he loves to share most of all.

“…Perhaps most importantly, Jake has taught me to take opportunities to be bold and adventurous, and also to retreat and reflect on what God is doing and what He is speaking into my life - because of that, I trust Jake with the tough things of life.”
— Ryan: Troy, TX

Jake has climbed 14,000 foot peaks, surfed 11 foot waves in Australia, won collegiate volleyball tournaments, and competed at the highest level of beach volleyball, but if you ask him, he will tell you that his greatest achievement is that he put himself in a position to show up for the love of his life and now pushes himself to thrive in his marriage.  He is grateful everyday and his passion is to help others be able to show up the same way in their own lives!

“I couldn’t believe it. I knew he had been divorced a few years back, but he showed no signs of being jaded or hindered emotionally. That is extremely attractive.”
— Whintey (His Wife)

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