Emotional Eating + Stress = Uncontrollable Cravings

How well do you handle daily stress? Do you ever find yourself craving unhealthy foods on days you feel overwhelmed or more stressed? I totally know how you feel and was the same exact way! When I felt unhappy or overwhelmed with life I would crave unhealthy foods that would taste "sooo good". Unfortunately, this caused me to gain weight and struggle with it for years with out a solution that helped! 

It wasn't until I discovered it was my brain, wanting relief from this stress. Our brain either seeks pleasure or avoids pain. So when I was experiencing "pain" and not handling my emotions properly it would create cravings for certain unhealthy foods. This creates dopamine, also known as false pleasures, that temporarily makes me feel like "everything is going to be ok". 

  • What is emotional eating?
  • How cravings can come from unmanaged emotions.
  • Overcome unhealthy cravings without restricting yourself.
  • How willpower doesn't work for the long run in curbing cravings.

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