3 Things I Learned Fosters True Happiness

Several years ago, I thought chasing my external pleasures would fill a void I felt inside. So I attended the "hottest clubs" while living in down town Chicago, drank some of the finest wines, ate many fancy dinners, shopped on Michigan Ave in Chicago and lived a life... well I thought would make me feel WHOLE. I was wrong!

This journey I've been on the last two years has taught me the real pleasures in life come from learning to "have your own back", developing a good relationship with yourself so you can show up for others, being spiritually fit, and start saying no to instant gratification to pursue long-term satisfaction. #change

If you are searching for a relationship, happiness, or something to fill a void I encourage you to be grateful for the awareness (longing). Then choose to make changes- it's where all NEW and beautiful beginnings happen!


Paris Club

Chicago, IL