Are you sick and tired of overeating but don't know how to stop?

Trying to lose weight is something most people have tried again and again. The frustration, disbelief, and torment that comes from obsessing on food or loosing weight is real. It steals our quality of life and eventually our self confidence. Don't worry, you're not alone!

It doesn't matter what your reason is nor how much weight you want to lose, every person deserves to achieve it! Unfortunately, even though there are soo many amazing diets and exercise programs people still aren't able to get into shape.

Why is that?

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Does that sound familiar to you? That was also the case for Whitney Roehl, co-founder of Fit-Bar's Living By Design, she struggled to stick to a diet. It was only a matter of time that she gave up on her diet, lost motivation, or thought it wasn't sustainable. So she quit. Again!

That's exactly why Whitney and Jake Roehl, her husband and business partner, created Healthy By Design Program. After going through a Self Scholars program for an entire year, doing a lot of research and practicing these tools she lost 40 lbs in total. She learned how to stick to her healthy lifestyle, she created her own eating plan she loves, and she didn't feel restricted. Whitney knew she had to share it with others.

Jake and Whitney teach you HOW to stick to your diet with out feeling miserable or completely deprived. These tools are the exact tools Whitney used and still uses to lose weight, to be in the best shape of her life. The real reward is the freedom she feels from obsessing about losing or gaining weight.


stick to a diet without quitting

Not knowing what food to eat and actually eating clean are two completely different problems. I knew how to eat healthy and would for the most part. Still, I couldn't get results I desired- to loose 20-30 lbs. So, I'd start a new diet to restrict my calories and quickly quit within a week or two. Then I'd feel guilty and bad about myself not sticking to another plan.


use exercise as a reward not a punishment

Being an athlete in my younger years I knew how to work out hard in the gym and utilize high intensity interval training. When I'd work out several times per week and still had little to no results I would feel less motivated and very frustrated with the process. It felt like a waste of time, knowing half the time I was only burning off extra calories I previously consumed earlier that day. 


Healthy By Design

This is the same program we use to coach our weight loss clients. It's allowed several people to see results within the first month.

It's an amazing program because it guides you to choose your own eating protocol. We just equip you with the right tools to STICK to your plan. So you no longer have to worry about it not being sustainable or gaining it back again!!

Healthy By Design truly does what the title says- you get to be in shape with your plan.

What Healthy By Design Includes 3 Amazing Benefits

1. We equip you with the same tools our coaching clients get after they've worked one-on-one with us for three months. You'll be able to start applying and taking action as fast as you want. Our tools allow you to see where your cravings come from- so you can start becoming aware to make change permanent. 

2. It guides you through each lesson with video's and PDF's that allow you to practice. Changing behavior is not a light switch you flip on or off one time. It requires practice and even failing but knowing how to start again right away without allowing discouragement set you back.

3. You'll use the tools in more than just weight loss. The tools also help you apply it in other areas . Often times, being overweight has a deeper rooted cause. Through our video's you'll understand why this behavior pops up. Acknowledging it in other area's will become almost effortless.

Are you ready to start getting in shape and make it permanent?

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