3 Secrets to Get in Shape Without Feeling Deprived

Whitney had struggled with staying in shape since going into college after playing sports in high school. Since then, she has tried several different diets (Paleo, Ketosis, Whole30, Weight Watchers) but constantly felt deprived. She tried working out every day, sometimes multiple times a day. She even tried loving her body with the extra twenty pounds. For years, she continued to struggle to feel confident in her own body.  She felt stagnant, obsessed with weight and food until she started applying the life coaching techniques she was receiving to her weight loss goals.

"My results were much more than getting in great shape. I stopped obsessing on what not to eat, using food for pleasure, and having cravings that caused me to overeat. It was incredible" - Whitney Roehl

Here's How


Whitney thought,

"Being healthy and loving my body allows me to enjoy feeling beautiful for my husband".

1. Become conscious of your thoughts

The brain is programmed to adapt to whatever we feed our bodies. The eating choices we've made in the past, that left us overweight, are what create our bad habits, cravings, and thoughts about food. When we begin to become aware of our thoughts, "I want that", or "I deserve this", and "just one won't hurt", it's when we can start to change our actions. You've probably heard this before: our thoughts, cause our feelings, which drive our actions, and give us results. Most of us are unaware of our thinking that is causing us to stay overweight.  Or we ARE aware, and don't know HOW to change our thoughts. This is where a coach comes in hand.

Start to become aware of the thoughts that cause cravings and start practicing new thoughts which essentially stop cravings. This is why will-power is not a sustainable way to lose weight in the long term without changing our thinking FIRST. This also explains why diets usually fail.


2. stop over desiring food

Once you change your thoughts about food, desiring it less, you start to see results that last. Learning how to desire food less starts with changing the desire. Bottom line, if you are overweight there is a good chance your relationship with food is out of balance.  Will power isn't for long term success, which is why people who do lose weight tend to gain it right back. So, how do you stop over desiring food?  Once you become aware of your thoughts you start to change them: "I don't need that" or "I don't want that right now". Rather than just resisting the thought. Also, finding other things to do like journal, yoga, walk outside, or read a book when we feel the need to eat outside of our protocol. No matter how much we deprive ourselves, if we don't desire it less, then our results won't be sustainable.

Whit Tie Shoe.JPG

3. See your future self- Amazing

Imagine a life where you enjoy the way your clothes fit, food is no longer an obsession, weight is no longer a struggle, and you love your healthy body. How do you feel? What are your thoughts? What do you love to wear comfortably? This may be hard to imagine but an important tool, once you can imagine your future self then you can start working towards it.

First, commit to losing the weight, get into great shape, and keep it off by changing your thoughts, desiring food less, and seeing your future self looking amazing. This may sound "too good to be true" or too easy, but it actually takes a strong commitment. It requires daily work on thought management (which Whitney can show you how to do), accountability, practice and following your own protocol of eating. It's not easy but it's for long term results that are much better than JUST getting in shape.


Ready to get started?

Whitney has invested a lot of time, money, and knowledge into her physical and mental health to get the results she struggled with for years. It wasn't easy. She couldn't have done it without the help of a personal coach, which is why she is so passionate about guiding others achieve the same results. She has partnered up with her husband to begin offering their tools, experience, and knowledge to help people who:

  • Are 100% committed to getting results.
  • Are willing to become a student of themselves.
  • Believe they are capable despite their past results.
  • Desire to be a better version of themselves.

This is NOT for people who are:

  • Looking for a magic bullet.
  • Not willing to make changes.
  • Avoiding their feelings because it's easier.
  • Wanting to eat their cake and lose weight too.

Jake and Whitney are a dynamo couple excited to help people get results they've been seeking. If you're ready to take your weight-loss journey to a whole NEW level, we invite you to join us!