Which coach would you choose to help you?  

  1. Imagine one who has struggled, then succeeded at reaching the goals you are battling with yourself.  A coach who has already solved the puzzle.  
  2. Next, imagine the other who has spent the last 20 years motivating, educating, and inspiring people to reach their maximum potential and perform at their highest level in the moments it matters most.  

You can have us BOTH!

Pick Your Plan and We Will Teach You:

  • Why you eat more than your body needs and how to stop.
  • How to remove your unhealthy food cravings.
  • How to choose the role food will play in your life.
  • How to stay in control of your food choices in stressful circumstances.
  • How to choose what you eat in social settings without feeling guilty or left out.


2 month plan: Gain Momentum

6 month plan: VIP & COmmited

In this package each month you will receive:

  • Two 60 min sessions each month: bi-weekly
  • TWO coaches for every session
  • Email access: we will reply within 48 hrs
  • Strategic plan to achieve specific goals
  • Weekly work that helps you get lasting results


$334 per month

In this package each month you will receive:

  • TWO coaches for every session
  • VIP email access with 24 hour response
  • Two 60 min sessions each month
  • Strategic plan that is personalized according to goals
  • Weekly work that helps you get lasting results
  • Personal online portal for your journal and goal setting


$299 per month

*VALUE: 10% off


Try us for ONE session

We guarantee your money back if you are not satisfied with this call.


One Session Coaching


Not 100% sure if you need our coaching? Take Life Coaching and our dynamo style for a test drive. We are so confident in the value that we offer, that if you love us we will apply this $120 towards one of our packages.

See how it feels to have sideline perspective as you do the real work living your life. We will review your desired results and guide you through a process to discover what's keeping you stuck. Spend 60 minutes with Jake and Whitney to see what all the excitement is about.

  • 1 60 min call
  • TWO coaches for the session
  • Come up with a strategic plan to achieve the next step
  • Shared knowledge and tools
  • Can be added to any package IF you want to purchase a package

$120 for 60 min call


Get on our waiting list

for group coaching

Do you want access to our group coaching where you can learn from others? We are offering a small group of 4 people to join a group coaching session. This will include two 60 minute calls for $150 a month. Whitney and Jake will guide the group towards practicing the same material and gain insight by watching others taking steps towards positive growth. This is a huge asset, to learn how to apply it effectively. Please send us your information below, we will add you to our waiting list.

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Join 5 other people for two 60 min calls per month for group coaching at an affordable rate.