From Frustrated to Fabulous

It can happen for YOU too!

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results

-Albert Einstein


The Struggle is Real

Living a lifestyle with "healthy" eating and a consistent exercise routine is not as easy as social media makes it look.

For years, I struggled with weight loss and getting in shape. Being a former athlete, I knew how to work out hard and eat smart but still couldn't get results.

1. I'd constantly start and stop diets.

Not knowing what food to eat and actually eating clean are two completely different problems. I knew how to eat healthy and would for the most part. Still, I couldn't get results I desired- to loose 20 lbs. So, I'd start a new diet to restrict my calories and quickly quit within a week or two.

2. I'd buy bigger clothes to hide my weight.

Getting ready in the mornings for work was something I dreaded because I didn't like the way my clothes fit. I'd rather just wear yoga pants and a big shirt so I didn't feel so uncomfortable. When I had to dress up I envied other women wearing flattering dresses that showed their toned arms or legs.


I Felt Frustrated

There would be some months I'd drop 5 lbs and before long I'd gain it right back.

I was constantly trying to figure out how to limit my calories and still have a "social life" where I didn't feel I was constantly missing out with friends or co-workers.

3. I'd compare myself to others and felt unattractive.

When I'd see other women who were in good shape I felt envious of their success. Even knowing I was capable of working hard and be disciplined- something just wasn't clicking. I felt unattractive as I constantly compared myself to others, judging myself even more, "I wish I could look like that".

4. I'd exercise min of 3X a week with little progress.

Being an athlete in my younger years I knew how to work out hard in the gym and with high intensity interval training. When I'd work out several times per week and still had little to no results I would feel less motivated and very frustrated with the process. Loosing 20 pounds seemed impossible!


That was TRUE, until I found a solution that changed it all.

 This doesn't include more restrictive diets, harder work outs, and less enjoyment.

It was achieved by addressing my "triggers" and emotional stress that kept me craving unhealthy food as a way to handle the pressures from life.


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