The Greatest Gift You Can Give To YOURSELF!

  • Investing in ourselves is necessary- especially our mental and emotional health.

  • Jake and Whitney have done the work and know the tools thoroughly so you work with the best.

  • You gain access to TWO coaches at once to get results quicker!


We are committed to help you thrive


We Guide You

We do the heavy lifting for you! Applying these tools we teach to our own life and seeing the powerful effects they have on others equips us for success.

If you are willing to apply these thought models to your own life we are confident it will transform yours too.


We Encourage You

Making changes that are long-term takes dedication, commitment, and resilience. When you have a team that encourages you and helps you stay committed the possibilities are endless! Our monthly coaching calls gives you exactly what you need to stay fired up to make a big life change.


We Teach You

Through our live coaching calls, videos, PDFs for you to practice on your own, and access to email any question you may have, our teaching is thorough. We are only interested in YOU getting the results you want to achieve successfully. That's where our tools, knowledge, and personal experience comes in hand.

Here's What You Get From Our Coaching

  1. Gain a different perspective to the struggles and challenges that are keeping you stuck.
  2. Learn how to become aware of your thinking so you can start changing your behaviors.
  3. Acquire tools to coach yourself throughout your day when people are "difficult".
  4. Understand what your personal triggers are that cause negative emotions which create undesired results from our actions.
  5. See how our thoughts, not our circumstances create our emotions.
  6. Embrace your emotions so you stop hiding or avoiding from discomfort.
  7. Execute personal accountability so you can quit starting and stopping with your own goals.
  8. Practice loving yourself to be able to love others more.
  9. Show up as an awesome teammate by becoming the best version of yourself.
  10. Feel on purpose so you can create the kind of future you desire without "wishing things were different".

Our Experience:

  • Whitney has lost 30 lbs. She's kept it off and changed her negative self-talk.
  • Whitney has experienced the struggles from being stagnant and using food or alcohol to feel better, to now living a healthy and happier life. She truly understands the people she is coaching.
  • Whitney has conquered her strong desire for overeating and alcohol. She's learned to live without the need to cover her emotions using a "crutch".
  • Whitney has "cracked the code" and knows how to help others get the results they want.
  • Jake has been motivating students and athletes to exceed their own expectations since 1997.
  • Jake is an expert at observing from the side and seeing your path to success from a knowledgeable perspective.
  • Jake is an engaging teacher.  He can distill complicated concepts to simple ideas and he knows how to meet you where you are.
  • Jake has recovered from divorce and pushed himself to show up as his best self in a thriving new marriage.


Oh my gosh... eye opening!  I took in so much information, I felt so excited and ready to change my life.  For the first time in a long time, I realized this could work.  I realized "I can do this". - Jennifer B, Financial Advisor, Austin TX

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