Whitney's Story


"I'll never be skinny"


A limiting belief that kept me stuck until I learned how to change it.


It started when...

I would obsess on what I "could or couldn't eat". I was always losing weight and then gaining it all back again. I obsessively tied my happiness to my weight. I'd think, "once I get that body I'll be more confident or be happier".  I was sick of overeating, feeling guilty and feeling disgusted when I'd step on the scale. I was at my heaviest and terrified I would continue to gain weight, but I REFUSED to go shopping for bigger clothes, so I felt uncomfortable in everything I owned.

I'd had enough -  I signed up for a Self Coaching Program that required us to go through an entire years worth of intense work. I joined because I wanted to learn how to get what I want and feel happier, ironically it was not for weight loss. It was the BEST investment and greatest gift I'd ever given myself (other than choosing to marry my husband) - I changed my life!!

Within the first month of the program, I started to notice a difference in how I was eating, my cravings, and how often I was "buffering" (using pleasure to deal with my emotions). Within six months, people were asking me "Whitney what are you doing differently- you look amazing"!

I had lost 30 lbs. and I wasn't gaining any of it back! The best part was that I wasn't obsessing on what I could or couldn't eat. I wasn't counting calories or obsessing on my weight. It was total freedom- an absolute miracle!!

It has now been one year since I signed to be a student of Brooke Castillo's. My transformation was so outstanding that out of her hundreds of students, I was one of FOUR selected as the BEST scholar! This means she will fly me to Dallas for a paid weekend to be featured in her magazine. That's just the frosting on the cake because the life I gained from the work I put in was the real reward. I'm incredibly grateful.

I've Learned to...

The tools I've learned, and still practice daily, have equipped me for some difficult circumstances and a lot of change in my life. 

  • Becoming a step mom to a preteen.
  • Moving to a new town, away from the city life I love.
  • Setting and holding healthy boundaries.
  • Loving myself unconditionally so I can love others better.
  • Refusing to be defined by my childhood, now I create the life I desire.
  • I'm worthy- not because of anything but my relationship with me.
  • Circumstance don't cause me to be unhappy, I do.

I've read countless self-help books over the past ten years and none of them came close to offering me the change I've made in such a small amount of time.

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